viernes, 23 de marzo de 2018

Projection Cryptocurrency Scolcoin

Our project is of Colombian origin with a social objective, our approach is to benefit the members of our community, to work with companies with corporate responsibility rewarded to society.

We are a Latin American collective looking to enter the European and Asian market of cryptocurrencies. We want to show the benefits that our members have

Projection of the 10-year Solidarity Fund: SkUnJtAAaKeFyAnPb6nUQbTqhgKrwUq5x4

2018: $400 Scol
2019: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2020: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2021: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2022: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2023: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2024: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2025: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2026: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2027: $ 1,096,330 Scol
2028: $ 1,096,330 Scol

With our social contribution will benefit non-governmental entities (NGOs), business enterprises, farmers, marginalized sectors of the population, among others. Our project seeks to heal that state vacuum in social investment and work with private companies to motivate corporate responsibility.

In Latin America, we are working to show the world that social awareness is an asset, that it can be done without the need for politics and that all the support for the project will strengthen our mission.

we are aware of the damage to the environment that is why the mining is POS (Proof of Stake)

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